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Sofia Caballero Stafford, CD (DTI)
Birth & Postpartum Doula in NYC

I am a certified full spectrum birth and postpartum doula based serving families in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. My goal as a doula is to help parents feel confident and supported during pregnancy, birth and in the postpartum period. I believe that defining and shaping a positive birth experience starts with first understanding our bodies and learning to trust our instincts so that we can feel empowered to advocate for ourselves.

I am passionate about reproductive justice and birth equity and I see my role as a doula to support women to own their strength and feel powerful, especially during periods of transition, growth and re-discovery.  Above all, I believe that we all benefit when we have a community around us.

My professional experience includes more than 6 years of working on issues related to maternal, neonatal, and adolescent health. I currently work as a doula with Doulas en Español and with the Citywide Doula Initiative in NYC. 


Full Spectrum Doula Training → Doula Trainings International, 2022

Doula Mentorship → Doulas en Español

Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED → American Heart Association, 2022

Integrative Lactation + Feeding Specialist → Manhattan Birth, 2022

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